Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finding Nature Looking From the Inside Out

Lets face it, Wisconsin winters are rarely sunny so most of the time the lighting on the landscape can be pretty drab. So what is one to do? Find other creative places nature shows up and make the best of it. Since buying our house last summer my wife and I have not replaced the windows. That being said that creates photographic opportunities if you look for them. I found nature; I found frost.

All you have to do is look.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Encountering Sedona's Juxtapositions

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte
Named after T.C. Schnebly's wife, Sedona, this grand area in north central Arizona, is up on the list as one of my favorite areas of the state.  The "Red Rocks" as many call them is Sedona's biggest attraction.  Technically they are considered rocks or buttes.  With their vibrant red and orange hues creating a juxtaposition against a blue sky or a nearby evergreen, these "Red Rocks" are quite a sight to see.  When photographing Sedona, I was lucky to encounter this blue sky.  Include in this gallery are Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock and the Chapel of the Holy Cross (yes a chapel built into the Red Rock!)  Enjoy the images!  Sedona Photos on my Website

Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Solace

Winter on a Farm in Reedsburg, Wisconsin
As winter continues and the days are shorter, nature slows down as well. While many may complain about the shorter days and colder temps, winter does have serenity about it. Winter produces low angled sunlight which stretches shadows longer than normal.  Maybe that light is telling us to stretch, slow down and reflect.  Additionally, winter produces a solace that is experienced by the near absolute silence that comes when nature transforms into dormancy for a period of time. Embracing that silence and reflecting on the beauty of the solace of winter, may just be what nature is beckoning us to do.