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Monday, January 11, 2021

Frosty Air

Water and fluctuating temperatures create interesting reactions in the natural environment.  As water freezes, it expands and changes form due to the molecular bonding of hydrogen which in turn causes the water molecules to expand.  Crazy science, hey?  Science aside, this makes for some interesting photographs...ones that I tend to seek out during the changing temperatures.  In order to get interesting photographs, I usually don't need to venture very far.  It could be something in my front yard, such as what happens to trees after freezing rain as shown below.  

Reaching Out. 
The limb of a tree in my front yard after an ice storm.

It could be a known spot within walking distance of usually meandering water now frozen or partially frozen.

Cracks in the Ice. 
A stormwater drainage area is that partially frozen.

Or a short drive down to the nearby Lake Michigan to see the effects of the waves when the water produced by them freezes to the objects on the coastline.  

The Lake Michigan coastline during consistently deep freezing temperatures.  It was 
20F° when photographed.

     As you can see there are many varied results that the "Frosty Air" has on the natural environment and can be captured.  What are some things that you have witnessed due to water freezing?  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Sunny Outlook

The nature of a sunrise or sunset has the ability to stop most in their tracks and to produce a feeling of awe. The star that is responsible for maintaining life on earth can also produce such beauty as it begins and ends our days.  No sunrise or sunset is the same even if the surrounding characteristics are the same as each day is different and never to be repeated.  Including water can dramatize the final product as you have the added benefit of a reflection.  Equally as dramatic is capturing a silhouette for a strong graphic composition.  Finally, clouds and Mother Nature's timing create incredible results.  Here are some of my favorites:  

Fox River.  Brookfield, WI. 

Lake Michigan.  Milwaukee, WI

Siesta Key Beach. Sarasota, FL

 Fox River.  Brookfield, WI